Dental Implants: An Introduction

Dental implants are the only permanent way that your dentist can replace your missing teeth. At The Mall Stockport, our skilled implantology team has helped many patients to restore both functionality and aesthetic appeal to their smile with the help of implants.

How treatment with dental implants works

Dental implants are small screws that replace natural tooth roots. They are made from titanium, which has been chosen because of its high degree of compatibility with the human body, and are put directly into your jaw bone in a minor surgical procedure, carried out by a skilled implant dentist here in the comfort of The Mall Stockport practice.

After a healing period of approximately three months, your dentist will attach your permanent new teeth to the abutments on top of the implants. Depending on your clinical need and your preference, these new teeth may be bridges, crowns or dentures.

Why implants are often the best option

As previously mentioned, dental implants are the only permanent tooth replacement solution. Other options, such as standard dentures or bridges, replace only the crown portion of a tooth. Because implants act as bionic tooth roots, they help to prevent the common side-effect of bone loss that often arises when several teeth have been missing for some time.

Without the tooth roots in place, the jaw bone may resorb or shrink back. This was once a barrier to receiving dental implants, but thanks to advances in dentistry in recent years, it is now possible for your dentist to rebuild your jaw bone prior to implant placement, in procedures called bone grafts or sinus lifts. The implant team at The Mall Stockport is fully equipped to provide these additional treatments if your dentist deems them necessary.

Implants give you back the ability to eat a varied and healthy diet, as well as eliminating the problem of dentures becoming loose, which can affect your speech and your confidence to smile and laugh in public.

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions – and you can always call 0161 480 8040. Our friendly team is there to help you.

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