Dental Implants: Are They Right For Me?

When it comes to dental implants, many people report that they feel frightened or unsure about going ahead with implant treatment. Fear is the main barrier to patients openly communicating with us about their dental implant options. We have created this blog post to educate our readers and patients on the most common concerns relating to dental implants, and the correct response to those concerns. Too often, people make a decision based on hearsay. We are here to answer your concerns truthfully and directly.

Concern 1: I’m afraid of the dental implant procedure.

Fear is commonly associated with visiting the dentist. More advanced procedures, such as dental implant placement, carry a weightier load than the average dental visit. In most cases, fear simply stems from the unknown. People report that they have heard implant ‘horror stories’ and couldn’t possibly go ahead with the treatment. At The Mall Stockport, we take implant placement extremely seriously. Whilst we recognise that each individual is different in their response to pain, discomfort and recovery, we can state with confidence that implant placement is pain-free.  Every implant placement we carry out is subject to strict diagnostic testing and digital planning. At The Mall Stockport, we place your implant using minimally invasive surgery and tools to ensure maximum accuracy. With such careful planning, our implants are placed quickly, painlessly and precisely as planned.

Some slight discomfort following your implant placement is normal, although this is minimal and usually resolved with over-the-counter pain relief. Patients report that discomfort following implant placement is no worse than a common dental extraction.

Concern 2: Dental implants are too expensive.

Dental implants are certainly not something we would consider cheap. Implants are made with strong surgical metals like those used in hip replacements and other implant surgeries. Implant placement is a procedure that requires knowledge, skill and experience. We provide only the very best planning, materials and treatment delivery, to ensure your implant has the very best long-term prognosis.

Missing teeth have a detrimental effect on our quality of life. Missing teeth cause embarrassment, affect how people perceive us, and can directly impact our weight and overall health. Implants are the gold-standard treatment option for replacing missing teeth. Far superior to removable dentures or dental bridges, and the closest replica to a real tooth, implants naturally carry a larger fee. We ask patients to consider a few key points if they are contemplating a dental implant:

  1. If you were to put £1 in a jar every time you hid your smile, what would that add up to?
  2. What is smiling and eating confidently worth to you?
  3. What other costs will be incurred replacing dentures and/or dental bridges throughout your lifetime?

When we consider the above factors, dental implants might be considered more valuable than first thought. The average fee for a dental implant is around £2,500. At The Mall, Stockport, we believe that a healthy smile is a necessity, which is why we are proud to offer our patients dental implants for as little as £1,700. Our finance options (including 0%) allow you to spread the cost of your dental implant for up to 5 years, paying as little as £36.33/month (terms and conditions apply).

Concern 3: I’m too old for a dental implant.

Too often we hear patients report that they are ‘too old’ for dental implants. Age is relative and is not specifically used to assess suitability for dental implants. No-one is too old to enjoy smiling, eating and living healthily, and tooth loss does not have to be an expected rite of passage as we get older. Replacing awkward acrylic dentures which often become ill-fitting as we age, dental implants provide the comfort and confidence to enjoy your retirement years.

Concern 4: I haven’t looked after my teeth, so there is no point starting now.

This is an extremely common response when we discuss dental implants with patients. More often than not, we hear patients report that there is ‘just no point’, or they ‘don’t deserve’ a dental implant. We are here to be a little bit up front, and say that yes, you do deserve a dental implant. There are a lot of different factors that can cause tooth loss, from smoking to diabetes to poor oral hygiene. Whatever the reason for tooth loss, every person deserves the right to smile and chew confidently.

At The Mall Stockport, we provide you with your dream smile, but more importantly, we provide you with the tools to maintain your smile after you leave us. Whatever your level of confidence when it comes to brushing and taking care of your teeth, we will support you in every way we can to maintain your new smile at home. We offer health maintenance packages which allow our implant patients to visit us for regular maintenance, and for minimal costs.

For any patients looking to explore their implant options, we offer complimentary consultations at The Mall Stockport practice. Our friendly team of experts will carefully assess you and provide you with a tailored plan to suit your individual needs. With no obligation attached, it is a wonderful opportunity to explore your options in a relaxed environment.

Make an appointment for your free consultation by calling 0161 480 8040 – and you can find answers to frequently asked questions here.

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