Dental Implants In Stockport: Am I Too Old?

Quite a few people think erroneously that age is a deciding factor when it comes to getting dental implants. In reality, dental implants can deliver significant health benefits to adult patients of all ages, and help elderly individuals maintain their quality of life.

At The Mall Stockport, dental implants are not limited by age. We are happy to accommodate older patients at any time. The rule of thumb is that if you are in good health for general surgery, then you can have dental implants.

Benefits of dental implants

If you are a good candidate for dental implants, you will be able to enjoy some important benefits, regardless of your age.

Health advantages

Dental implants have many health benefits that alternative tooth replacement options cannot match. Not only do they replace your missing teeth, but also help your natural teeth stay healthier for longer. If a missing tooth is not replaced, neighbouring teeth can change position. Dental implants keep teeth in place for a healthy and beautiful smile. Since they are designed to replace tooth roots by attaching to the jawbone, they actually prevent bone loss and stimulate bone growth.

Improving your quality of life

Dental implants can drastically improve the quality of life of many elderly patients. A study published in the Journal of International Dentistry has shown that older women who replaced their missing teeth with dental implants reported higher levels of satisfaction with their work, health, social and emotional lives, than women who opted for dentures.

With dental implants, you can maintain normal mouth function without worrying about them becoming loose while eating or staying in place when laughing. It doesn’t matter if you are 20 or 80 – dental implants can have incredible effects on your life and smile.

Considering the cost

While some elderly individuals may argue that the cost of implant treatment and maintenance is not worth it, based on how many years they have left to live, the real question is whether you wish to enjoy your retirement years with a high quality of life. If yes, dental implants are definitely worth exploring – and there are answers to frequently asked questions here.

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