Dental Implants: The Ideal Solution to Tooth Loss?

Dental implants provide a long-term solution to tooth loss. At The Mall Stockport our skilled implant dentist can use these titanium tooth roots to replace anything from one to all of your natural teeth, giving you back all the functionality of a healthy mouth.

It’s always important to replace any natural teeth you have lost, and at oThe Mall Stockport dental practice, we believe dental implants are, more often than not, the best way to do so. Implants provide:

  • unrivalled stability and all the functionality of a second set of natural teeth
  • a smile that looks so natural few people will realise they aren’t real teeth
  • the ability to eat a nutritious diet and to speak and smile with confidence, with no fear that loose dentures will spoil things.

Most people who wear traditional dentures experience problems with their fit, caused by shrinking of the jaw bone. This happens because standard dentures don’t replace the roots of natural teeth; dental implants do, by keep your jaw bone strong and healthy as well as keeping your teeth securely in your mouth.

We welcome denture sufferers at The Mall Stockport dental clinic, and offer £250 off dental implants treatments for patients struggling with an ill-fitting denture.

How dental implants work

As soon as the implants are in place, they begin to bond with the jaw bone in a process known as osseointegration. This usually takes an average of six months to complete. Temporary teeth may be fitted during this time, or you may continue to wear your old denture.

After integration is complete, you will be called back to our Stockport clinic so that your dentist can attach permanent new teeth to abutments on top of your dental implants. These may be dentures, a bridge, or a single crown.

Once your dental implants have been restored, you can once again enjoy:

  • eating whatever you want, including the occasional treat
  • being able to speak clearly
  • no more loose dentures

If you have more questions they are probably answered here. Our team is always happy to help on 0161 480 8040.

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