Dentures are not your only option.

The loss of your natural teeth need not result in wearing dentures, although dentures do suit some people very well and they wear them successfully for years. 

However, some people find dentures loosen over time and become uncomfortable.  Issues can arise, such as having to exclude some foods from your diet, difficulties with forming certain words, or a general lack of confidence.   

In order to replace a small number of missing teeth, your dentist might recommend a bridge.  A bridge simulates a permanent tooth without the need for it to be implanted, because it relies on your adjacent teeth to hold it in place.  This is achieved by using crowns or bonded metal wings.  There is a need, however, to remove a layer of the healthy adjacent teeth to be sure of a proper fit.  If you ever change your mind and opt for an implant, those adjacent permanent teeth will have to be crowned.   This is done either with crowns or with bonded metal wings.  However, attaching a bridge involves removing a layer of your healthy adjacent teeth for a proper fit.  This means that if you ever want an implant, those teeth which have lost a layer will have to be re-crowned.

The benefits of a bridge are that they have a natural look and last a long time, as well as being available as a Band 3 treatment with the NHS. 

Implants are the option which are the closest to genuine teeth.  The implant is inserted into the bone of your jaw, replacing your tooth’s root.  It will actually fuse with your jaw bone to guard against bone loss and to prevent your face changing shape in any way.  

If you have one implant, it supports a single tooth crown.  Two implants will support a bridge of 3 or 4 teeth.  This is expensive, which is why options for finance are often available from your dentist –  but it’s very longlasting, and the implants look and feel like permanent, natural teeth.  Added to this is the benefit of only having to be sure you brush and floss properly, with no special cleaning required.
The best way to find out what options are available to you, as well as the details of the treatment and the cost, is to contact our experienced and friendly team at The Mall, who will answer your questions and concerns.

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