Do You Miss Your Confident Smile?

Do you suffer from missing teeth? Do you lack confidence in your smile, or your ability to chew or bite food? The traditional solutions for missing teeth – dentures and bridges, are not the ideal solution for everybody. Dental implants are an increasingly popular treatment for people with missing or no teeth.

Dental implants – the ‘science bit’

Tiny metal screws are carefully attached to the jaw bone, and used as an anchor for attaching crowns, bridges and implants. The jaw bone is stimulated to grow bone and mesh around the metal, creating a sturdy structure – this is called osseointegration.

The Mall Stockport is a top quality dentist providing dental implants in Stockport. Our highly trained dental professionals use a digital implantology system. This enables our dentists to plan your implants from a multitude of views, whether that is a biological or aesthetic standpoint. Our precise digital planning software ensures that dental implants are in the exact place they need to be to maximise osseointegration. We could fit your new dental implants in as little time as 48 hours – practically no time before you can reveal your brand new smile.

Imagine the results…

  • No more missing teeth
  • No more worries about slipping dentures
  • No ‘sunken’ look on your face
  • The ability to eat, chew and bite without worry
  • No problems with speaking clearly
  • A bright, healthy and natural-looking smile

The Mall Stockport’s goal is to provide affordable dental excellence and high quality treatment for every single one of our patients.

Free consultation

If you are interested in dental implants at The Mall Stockport, we can provide you with an absolutely free, no obligation consultation to discuss your wishes and requirements. You can rest assured that you will be carefully listened to and your needs will be understood. Contact us today to book your free consultation. Should you choose to go ahead, we pride ourselves on our transparent fees and clear process from start to finish.

If you decide you’d like some more information or have any questions about dental implants, Stockport is the home of The Mall – who will cater to all of your needs in a comfortable, safe and contemporary environment, with a friendly team who will be happy to provide answers to your queries. Call us on 0161 480 8040 – and there are answers to frequently asked questions here.

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