Enhancing your life with dental implants

Self-worth and confidence 

As much as we believe looks aren’t everything, yet it can help to have confidence in your appearance to mirror this feeling on the inside. It is really common for patients to feel self-conscious because of missing teeth. This is because they feel that the gaps are obvious or that they transmit a message about their general health, wellbeing or age; many assumptions can be made. 

An underlying health condition may have led to tooth loss, or life circumstances that have supported situations that were not conducive to oral health. Of course more traumatic experiences could have been the cause, such as an accident, a sports injury or a prior extraction which was never replaced.

If you have been living with deteriorating teeth for a while, these can be painful. Having them replaced can offer swift relief from pain, and with dental implants, there is no longer any susceptibility to decay. 

Lack of social interaction – So many of our social experiences are related to eating. If someone is unable to freely make food choices, they may feel like they cannot say yes to social occasions, which can then lead to isolation and anxiety.

Our friendly team at The Mall Stockport is expert in providing high-quality care that you can depend on. Ultimately our goal is to leave each and every patient with a smile they can be proud of. The initial consultation is free, and you will be given all the information you need to make an informed choice.

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