Implants – creating stability to replace missing teeth

When several or more of your teeth are lost, the material that builds the jawbone can weaken over time, and the structure of your face can dramatically change. 

The structure of your mouth is compromised when losing your teeth, your confidence is affected, and you also increase the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Losing teeth can make it really hard to clean between gaps, so bacteria and food particles are left to create havoc in your mouth. 

At The Mall, dental implants are the ultimate solution for the stability for your jawbone. The implants use replacement teeth that fit securely into your jawbone in perfect alignment. Chewing and biting will feel exactly the same as it used to with your natural teeth. Not only do they enhance your oral health, but they also transform your smile. 

The Procedure

An initial consultation is the first start to your dental implant procedure. Our experienced team will discuss your dental history with you, take detailed images of your teeth to make sure all your needs are met, as well as producing a thorough plan for the procedure using top precision and efficiency. 

The second step for the procedure will be to carry out any untreated dental issues you might have that could affect the procedure. Your oral health has to be good enough to receive the treatment, and there needs to be sufficient bone material to accept the implants. 

As soon as the preparations are complete, you will undergo a minor surgical procedure. The dentist will place a small, screw-like titanium post into your jawbone.  Once you are healed, your new replacement teeth will then be securely fitted to the tips of the posts. 


The strength of the jawbone meshing with the implanted metal gives you the strongest structure your mouth needs. It is a permanent foundation and can function the same as natural teeth. Dental implants function the way your natural teeth did before you lost them. It is easier to speak and eat compared with wearing dentures that loosen and over time and require more treatments. The firmness the implants provide your face structure is not compromised over time and you will not develop the sunken look that is sometimes found with denture users. Contact The Mall today to discuss your options for dental implants or to book a consultation. 0161 830 7300 or info@themalldental.

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