Invisalign Pros and Cons: Are They Better Than Braces?

The popularity of Invisalign has grown hugely in recent years. It’s easy to see why the idea of achieving straight teeth without unsightly wires is so popular. But does it really work? Over 96% of patients say it does.

If you’re wondering what Invisalign is all about, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll break down all the Invisalign pros and cons, weighing it up against regular braces.

Everything You Need to Know- the Invisalign Pros and Cons

Read on to find out why so many people are choosing to straighten their teeth the invisible way.

Why Choose Invisalign vs Braces

Here’s what makes Invisalign more convenient and comfortable for patients.

More Subtle Appearance

One of the main worries people have about braces is how they look. For some, the idea of having a mouth full of metal for a year or two is rather daunting.

When you have Invisalign, you don’t have to worry about that.

They’re made out of clear plastic, which makes them almost impossible to see.

Like regular braces, Invisalign treatment can involve attachments These usually include small ‘buttons’ which are bonded to the teeth in order to grip the aligners. Buttons are always tooth-colored, maintaining the subtle appearance that patients are looking for.

Other attachments can include hooks and rubber bands. Cases vary according to the needs of each individual patient.

Easier to Maintain

Invisalign is much easier to maintain than traditional braces.

It can be difficult to clean certain foods out of wires and brackets. With Invisalign, you don’t have to do that. That’s because you simply take them out before you eat.

It doesn’t take much to keep Invisalign trays looking clean and clear. All you have to do is soak them. You can do this while you’re eating.

Some dentists will provide you with retainer cleaning tablets or crystals to help you with this. If you leave your trays in water with these, they’ll be sparkling after just a few minutes.

To remove any excess saliva or stains, you can brush them lightly with a toothbrush. Don’t use toothpaste, as it could cause the trays to become scratched or cloudy.

No Food Restrictions

The fact that Invisalign trays need to be removed before eating means there are no food restrictions.

This is great news for people who love chewy, sticky foods like caramel and liquorice, or hard foods like nuts, pretzels, and bagels.

If you have regular braces, these foods can be a nightmare. They either get stuck in them, requiring lots of meticulous brushing and flossing, or removing damages them. That’s why people with braces are advised to avoid them altogether.

You don’t have these restrictions with Invisalign. During your treatment, you can continue eating all your favourite foods!

However, there is one thing you need to keep in mind.

While you’re wearing Invisalign, it’s best to drink only water. This is because certain drinks can cause the trays to become discoloured. Sipping on coffee, tea or red wine will result in unsightly stains, making your invisible braces not so invisible.

Aligners are generally only worn for two weeks at a time, so if they do become stained, it’s not a long-term issue.


Braces usually have to be worn for 18 months or two years. In some cases, they’re required to be worn for even longer. The long-term commitment is what puts a lot of prospective patients off.

Invisalign is much faster. In most cases, treatment is finished in around one year. That means you don’t have to wait so long to get beautiful, straight teeth.

Some people only need to wear it for around six months. These patients usually only need minimal correction for their teeth, and can use a quicker version of Invisalign called Invisalign Lite.

More Hygienic

When you wear braces, food and bacteria can easily become stuck. Brackets and wires make teeth much more difficult to clean, and as a result, they’re much more susceptible to decay.

With Invisalign, it’s quite the opposite. Food never comes into contact with the aligners, as they’re removed before eating. After every meal, patients brush and floss before putting the aligners back in.

If anything, patients’ oral hygiene becomes much better as a result.

See Your Results Before You Start

One great selling point of Invisalign is that it allows you to see exactly what results you can expect to achieve.

Before you start, scans of your teeth are used to create a 3D rendering of your treatment. This is called a ClinCheck, and patients can use it to click through every stage of their treatment, seeing how their teeth will change position after wearing each set of aligners.

Fewer Appointments

Invisalign doesn’t require frequent visits to the orthodontist to make adjustments.

In fact, patients only need to visit their clinic every few months. During these quick visits, all they have to do is check that treatment is going according to plan and pick up new aligners. No painful adjustments are required!

Why Choose Braces vs Invisalign

Despite the rise of Invisalign, lots of patients still opt for standard braces. Here’s why.


For many patients, it simply comes down to cost. Metal braces are much cheaper than Invisalign, and for some people, price is the priority.

This is particularly common in families with multiple children needing orthodontic treatment.

More Effective for Complicated Cases

While Invisalign works well for most people, there are some cases that it can’t handle. It can be used to correct overbites, underbites, crossbites, crowding, spacing and more, but it does have some limitations.

Patients requiring very complicated treatment are often advised to use braces. Usually, this involves severe bite problems or complex tooth movements.

Choose the Right Orthodontist

Now that you know the Invisalign pros and cons, you can decide which treatment is best for you.

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