Is There a Solution For Missing Teeth?

At The Mall Stockport, dental implants are a modern solution to the problem of missing teeth. Having teeth missing can make us feel self-conscious about how we look and can also cause us problems in everyday life, such as issues with eating or speaking. We are here to help.

We have a comprehensive range of treatment options to ensure that, whatever the condition of your teeth, we can restore your smile and give you back the quality of life you deserve. Gone are the days when dentures were the only option available for your missing teeth.

The benefits of dental implants

Dental implants, unlike dentures, don’t move around in your mouth once they are placed, as they are secured directly into the jawbone. This in turn, will help to eliminate any discomfort and pain that sometimes occurs with traditional loose or ill-fitting dentures.

Dental implants in Stockport can also help to prevent deterioration of your jawbone, which naturally occurs over time when teeth are missing.

Dental implant placement additionally has the benefit of not affecting your remaining healthy teeth. Any speech problems or difficulties with eating and chewing because of your missing teeth will also be improved, as your dental implants return a full set of functioning teeth to you.

Replacing missing teeth can even boost your confidence, especially if you feel sensitive about your appearance as the result of gaps in your smile left behind by missing teeth or the shifting of uncomfortable dentures.

Dental implants have a proven record of accomplishment over the last 30 years as a reliable and permanent solution for those with missing teeth.

Same day dental implants

With some dental implants procedures, you may have a long wait of months between having the implants placed and having the final replacement teeth fitted.

At The Mall Stockport, we’ll carry out a comprehensive assessment, including an x-ray and CT scan, to confirm the condition and suitability of your mouth and jawbone for implant treatment. Where possible, we provide the option of fitting your replacement teeth on the same day as we place your dental implants in Stockport.

If you want to find out more about dental implants, click here, or simply give us a call to book an appointment with one of our highly trained dentists on 0161 830 7300.

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