I’ve Lost Multiple Front Teeth. What Can Be Done?

When multiple front teeth are missing, the aesthetics of the final result become a massively important part of our patient’s objectives. One of the initial determinations surrounds what is known as a patient’s ‘smile line’. The size of a patient's smile and what shows when smiling widely will help our dentists here at The Mall Stockport we determine the design of your dental implants in Stockport.

Our dentists at The Mall Stockport are dedicated to creating a beautiful smile for every patient that will last for many years to come. In addition to the obvious advantages of having a restored smile, most of our patients require that their front teeth give them back the ability to eat the foods they want to enjoy, meaning their smile is much more than just the hunt for aesthetic beauty. Of course, it might be that you have been wearing dentures for some time and feel you’re ready to have the equivalent of permanent, fixed teeth.

Front teeth are designed to tear food, so that it can be chewed on the back teeth. A multiple tooth bridge using dental implants from The Mall Stockport to replace front teeth must provide both physical strength and beautiful aesthetics to create each patient’s ideal smile.

If you are worried about having a time period with no teeth, this need not be a concern, because a temporary bridge is always used for every patient so that during the process, at no time will there appear to be any teeth missing.

How about my back teeth?

Unlike the replacement of the front teeth, restoring function is the chief objective of replacing multiple back teeth with dental implants at The Mall Stockport. The replacement of missing back teeth can be accomplished with as few as two dental implants. Each implant used will support the ends of the bridge with a rigid, ceramic, tooth-like structure that is permanently attached to the jaw. They are designed to look like the teeth that they are replacing, as well as for easy daily maintenance.

The materials used for the back teeth are like the front, with the exception that it can be made less costly if needed when perfect aesthetics are not required because of the location. Treatment times are always dependent on the condition of the jawbone at the start of treatment. A temporary bridge can be worn during the process, as required, by each patient.

You can read more about dental implants here. If you would like to chat to one of our friendly team members at The Mall Stockport, their contact details are:

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