Once Only Tooth Replacement

Although so many things seem to have built-in obsolescence, one thing that you can pretty much rely to last the rest of your life is your dental implants. In Stockport, at The Mall Stockport, we love the fact that these tiny miracles of dental engineering are so good that they can last for several decades.

Here’s how dental implants in Stockport work:


This bit is really important. We have to find out if your jawbone is strong and healthy enough to take implants right away, or if it needs some help to get it to the point where it can support these artificial tooth roots. The bone and implants need to be able to withstand chewing forces of up to 97kg or 200lbs. If there’s an issue, this can often be resolved with a bone graft or a sinus lift. If there’s no problem, you are good to go onto stage two.

The implant procedure

This is a minor oral surgery, generally carried out under local anaesthetic. Jawbones don’t have as many nerve endings as teeth, so it won’t hurt as much. That said, if you are at all anxious, we are happy to help you float gently through the procedure on a cloud of either oral or intravenous sedation. Creating a socket for your implant posts and putting them in place will take an hour or two.

The healing period

This doesn’t sound like much, but the healing period is what makes dental implants from The Mall Stockport so amazing. As you recover from the procedure – a day or two – and then go about your daily business, under your gums something rather incredible is happening. Instead of sending out the immune system’s foot soldiers to get rid of the dental implants, your bone tissue is embracing them in a firm lifelong hug of new tissue and blood vessels. Soon, those implants will be as firmly held in your jawbone as your natural teeth.

The crowns go on

Once your implants have integrated with your jawbone, you come back to us. We add an abutment to the implants and screw in your new custom-made crowns, either single ones, or bridges or a whole arch of teeth that exactly match your natural teeth.

Find the answers to frequently asked questions about implants here.

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