Project ‘New Smile’ with Dental Implants

Investing in your new smile is the most promising project you can start. If you have missing teeth or loose fitting dentures, dental implants are the most viable and permanent fix for your smile and the practical issues a damaged smile can cause. 

Dental implants significantly help improve self confidence and quality of life, as missing teeth can greatly affect speaking and eating which unfortunately takes its toll on one’s self esteem over time, eventually making people think they have to hide their smile. 

The Mall can help you achieve your new smile by restoring the structure of your mouth with strong dental implants. This will add strength to your bite and jaw, with the added advantage of looking as natural as your actual teeth once were. 

Implants are generally suitable for all ages, no matter the condition of your oral health. For many people, the restoration of their smile is the safest long term solution. 

The benefits to replacing missing teeth with dental implants;

  • Implants stay in place – helping to keep discomfort and pain to a minimum. 
  • The structure of the implants help to protect the jawbone and prevent other teeth from moving around. 
  • Owing to their stability they stop food becoming stuck in gaps and potentially causing gum disease.
  • The security dental implants provide help to greatly improve speech.
  • Self confidence is particularly improved for those who lost their self assurance owing to missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures. 
  • Your bite and chew is strengthened, giving you the ability to eat whatever you wish again without fear. 

Dental implants are the safest, most well-established way of investing in your new smile.

Missing teeth can cause other teeth to move their position in your mouth, which causes several problems, such as tooth decay and gum disease. Replacing your teeth with a structure provided by dental implants strengthens your jaw bone, helping you keep the shape of your face and preventing shrinking of your jaw bone, which can also lead to premature ageing and sagging skin on your face.Get in touch with The Mall today to see how dental implants can give you that new smile you dream of.

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