Reclaim Your Mouth With Dental Implants In Stockport

If you have had to wear dentures (either single false teeth, or teeth on a bridge) you know how depressing they can sometimes be. In Stockport, dental implants can help solve all the annoying, embarrassing problems that come with removable false teeth.

With dental implants at The Mall Stockport, you can forget about having to exist on a soft food diet, but can go back to eating the foods you may have had to avoid for years. Remember the juicy explosion as you bite into an apple? In Stockport, dental implants mean you can once again experience these fundamental pleasures of life and not have to worry that doing so might remove your teeth.

At The Mall, dental implants mean you need no longer live with the embarrassment of your dentures seeming to have a life of their own in your mouth, or worry that they might even pop out just when you need your dignity the most. And you can at last forget entirely about the ghastly exposure of a house guest spotting your dentures in a cup in the bathroom.

These life benefits come from the fact that dental implants behave like natural teeth because they are permanently fixed into the jaw bone. You can eat your favourite crunchy, chewy foods again. You can clean your dental implants just like you brush and floss your normal teeth. Dental implants behave like natural teeth. And because the teeth on these implants are individually created in the lab to blend in with your own teeth, no one will even know you have artificial teeth in your mouth.

Dental implants are miniature titanium screws, which are usually fixed into the jawbone under local anaesthetic by our implant oral surgeon at The Mall Stockport. They are artificial roots that act just like those lost from the jawbone. Once the surgical part of the procedure is completed, a period of some weeks to months must pass, allowing time for the jaw and gum to heal (a cap is fitted over the screw to protect it), and for the bone tissue to mesh with the implant, thus holding it securely in the new socket. After this, the artificial teeth are screwed onto the dental implants.

You can find out much more about implants here.

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