Why Should I Choose Implants?

Tooth loss and broken teeth are problems that many people face at some point in their lives. Reasons include  gum disease, unsuccessful root canal treatment and accidental damage.

The loss of or damage to teeth can produce long-lasting effects if left untreated. Along with not looking aesthetically pleasing, they can also create a wide range of dental problems that you may not even be aware of if not dealt with on time. This is a good reason to visit a qualified, trustworthy dental professional to get affordable dental implants for an enhanced smile. A survey taken in 2016 by the American Dental Association’s Health Institute stated that around 49% of people who were aged 65 or over did not visit a dentist in the last year. 

Reasons you may want to have a fresh set of dental implants may be tooth loss. It can be considered embarrassing to some to have missing teeth, but dental implants are a great way to solve that problem! It is a very common solution that will fill the gaps between your teeth, allowing your smile to look as natural and radiant as it did before. You will be able to smile with confidence and class without having to worry about being judged or embarrassed. 

Another very common reason for people choosing to invest in dental implants is they are a great alternative to loose or ill fitting dentures. Over 60% of adults face the trouble of having loose dentures, and this can not only be annoying, but also painful. Being a victim to loose dentures can actually cause jaw pain or even embarrassment when talking! By getting some dental implants, you’re eliminating the feeling of being embarrassed or self-conscious when laughing and talking. 

Infected teeth are another common reason why people decide to get dentures. Infected teeth are usually either saved or extracted from a patient’s mouth – and if your dentist recommends that one of yours has got to go, it is probably best to start considering the options of dental implants. After the infected tooth has been removed, the implant will be a worthy replacement – strong and reliable, and looking just like your natural teeth! 

Dental implants are amazing because they don’t require any special care or treatments – they are as easy to look after as the rest of your teeth! 

Finally, another really good reason to purchase dental implants would be if you had problems chewing. Missing teeth can create a big headache when wanting to eat the foods you love, but with dental implants, all your troubles melt away. Exactly like normal teeth, you’re free to chew, chow and munch as you please, with no irritating gaps for food to fall into and get stuck. They are also just as secure and solid in your mouth as natural teeth would be. 

Considering all the above reasons, talk to your dentist about investing in some dental implants and how they could benefit you and your oral health.

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