Facial Aesthetics

If you have wrinkles, creases or lines that bother you, our treatments may be the answer.

Facial aesthetics are non-surgical cosmetic procedures used to enhance and rejuvenate the skin.

As we age, elastic and collagen production decreases in the skin leading to loss of volume and wrinkle formation.  These signs can be exaggerated or seen prematurely if your skin is exposed to the sun’s UV rays more or through smoking.

You may have noticed lines running from your mouth to your chin, or laughter lines at your temples.  It could be that you’d like to have them removed.  Our team at The Mall understands and can help you.

Your 3 steps to Facial Aesthetics

1. A Consultation

Where you can ask questions, resolve any concerns and explain what you want to achieve.

2. A Plan

The clinician will outline your options and then you both agree the plan.

3. Treatment and follow-up

When you’ve had your treatment, your clinician will want to check your progress and ensure you are following aftercare advice.

The Cost Of Facial Aesthetics

Anti-wrinkle injections
1 area £170, 2 areas £220 and 3 areas £250

Dermal fillers
Lips £150 for 0.5 ml and £250 for 1 ml
Cheeks £250 for 1 ml and £350 for 2 ml
Nasolabial folds £250 for 1 ml
Marionettes £250 for 1 ml


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Frequently Asked Questions About Facial Aesthetics

Other ways we can help

There are a number of other treatments you may wish to consider

Incredibly, we can fit your new dentures in just one day, because we have that expertise, together with our exceptional on-site laboratory.  This means there’s no need for temporary dentures.

We use nearly invisible aligners from Invisalign , or tooth-coloured brackets and wires by Quick Straight Teeth, both of which are very popular and make metal braces seem like a thing of the past.

The solution to missing teeth that comes closest to the real thing, implants are permanently fixed to replace your teeth, then crowns matching your natural tooth colour are attached.   

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