Looking for Dental Treatment Overseas?

Before you look overseas for dental treatments, take time to consider others’ experiences

From bleeding gums to broken teeth, every year people face the agonising (and sometimes deadly) aftermath of indulging themselves in cheap, low-grade dental treatments that they found at a steal online. 

Drawn in by the discounted treatments and money-saving dental services advertised on social media, people are promised a perfect smile – while instead leaving with loose, damaged teeth, gums and even tongues! 

Naturally, not every person that has partaken in discounted dentistry has fallen victim to its devastating outcomes – but that doesn’t mean your chances of being the one that suffers its dire consequences are any less. 

The news outlet Eminetra part-took in their own investigation into the harmful aftermath of budget dental works by spending a day at a leading dental practice, in which they claimed the dentists “say they spend much of their time ‘fixing people’s mistakes’.” 

They also state that the patients they met fiercely warn against the use and purchase  of cheap dental treatments and that the majority of them had fallen victim to “irreversible damage” and  “most admit their interventions were entirely unnecessary, sacrificing a perfectly healthy set of teeth in the name of vanity.”

The news outlet then goes on to interview a man by the name of Sakib Hussain who ventured out to Turkey in order to obtain some dental caps – but only found miserable pain, mangled teeth and a hefty price in order to get them fixed.

Along with first-accounts of the distress that getting too-good-to-be true dental offers cause, Eminetra  also looked into the transgressions of backdoor teeth-whitening that were happening in the back of hair salons and beauty parlors. They also reported warnings against the use of “DIY braces” that “risked bleeding, lacerated gums, wonky teeth and tooth loss.”

In terms of remedial work, the prices can vary from £1000 – £2000, causing a large dent to a pocket and enforcing the need for patients to take time out of their day in order to come into the dentist and have their dental work fixed – which can be very time consuming. From botched veneers and caps to wonky dental braces and aligners, the repairment process can almost be as expensive, time consuming and painful as the initial shoddy dentistry itself. 

Eminetra looked into a young woman who had fallen victim to DIY braces that were advertised over the internet, making what should be a personal, detailed process of having your mouth 3D scanned and a brace designed specifically for you – into a quick, fast-tracked and agonising experience. She stated that she gained ulcers from the ill-fitting clear aligner – that if left untreated could have caused a serious gum disease – and that when she complained to the company that she purchased them from, she did not receive any support or help. 

They also go on to talk about the very common action of at-home teeth whitening, where the products are usually purchased from untrustworthy websites, for suspiciously low prices. The nasty repercussions of using cheap, undependable teeth whitening methods are things such as ulcers, sensitive teeth, gum disease / bleeding gums and so much more. 

A 2016 report found that the number of British people that pursue budget dental treatments and services overseas nearly tripled within the time span of 2 years! The British Dental Association reports that one dentist in every three reports has to fix botched, mishandled dentistry that was initially done overseas. 

Ultimately, even though us Brits do like a deal, the unbelievable prices on dental treatments are not worth the months, years and even lifetimes of pain that follows. As flashy or as enticing as online advertisements of fast teeth straightening and teeth whitening may seem, the integrity of your teeth and dental health will always be worth more. 

By going to your dentist and paying a few extra pounds, you could save yourself a world of pain and both you and your dentist a boatload of time.

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