Teeth Straightening – Not Just a Cosmetic Treatment

It is often assumed that the sole purpose of having your teeth straightened or aligned is just for the aesthetic impact. Teeth are multipurpose tools, used for more than just giving a great smile or helping you chew up food.

Teeth are small pieces of bone that are specifically placed in order to help benefit our health in more ways than one. A good smile can boost your mental health and happiness, your teeth help the production of speech and they also break down food. 

So, what are the perks of having straight teeth? 

Firstly, straight teeth means healthier gums. It may not seem like it but when teeth have wide gaps between them or are overly crowded, the gums can often become sore and inflamed. Not only is this not pleasing to the eye, but it can also be a sign of gum disease. By straightening the teeth, the gums are able to fit themselves around the teeth more securely – and this can help reduce the risk of gum disease greatly! In terms of crowded teeth, they can be a bit more complicated to brush thoroughly or floss – which ultimately leads to plaque build up and, eventually, gum disease. 

Another reason is that straight teeth can help boost a person’s self esteem. When talking about health, mental health can be frequently overlooked. Studies have shown that a better smile increases how often you smile, and that leads to a greater number of endorphins – which, in turn, leads to a wide array of health benefits (such as lower stress levels,  better thinking and improved concentration). 

FInally, crowded teeth sometimes create a need for one or more teeth to protrude. This can then rub against other teeth, essentially corroding them over time, leading them to become damaged. This can affect your ability to chew, cause damage to your teeth enamel and can sometimes affect the look of your teeth. 

In terms of myths about crooked teeth, there are many. For example, the idea that you only have crooked teeth because it is hereditary. Whilst crooked teeth can be hereditary – there is a multitude of ways in which a person can develop crooked teeth, such as thumb-sucking or because they have missing teeth. Whilst having crooked teeth may be natural, sometimes it is more beneficial to your way of life to have them straightened out. Having crooked teeth can cause an uneven biting pressure that can cause strain to the jaw, problems with chewing, and cracked or broken teeth. This is a great example of where having your teeth straightened can be considered a preventative measure rather than a cosmetic treatment. 

Overall, the benefits of aligned teeth are far more complex than just having a pretty smile. Teeth straightening can be considered killing two birds with one stone, protecting yourself from the risk of gum disease or tooth decay whilst also gaining a stunning smile.

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