Teeth whitening – still increasingly popular

Worth billions across the globe, the tooth whitening industry continues to grow in popularity. Highlighting this, tooth whitening comes second only to make-up as the most frequent beauty treatment. Despite the popularity, it is still important to consider patient safety when whitening teeth.

Why is tooth whitening so popular? 

Having a great smile with bright white teeth is important for many people, with social media and celebrities encouraging people to improve their appearance and endorsing the tooth whitening trend and related products. But having a great smile can be difficult as many of the food and drinks we enjoy every day stain our teeth. This means that many people are opting for teeth whitening treatments.

Who is getting their teeth whitened? 

In 2018, Aesthetic Dentistry Today found that 85% of people surveyed had undergone restorative dentistry, with 66% receiving fillings. Many had also had their teeth whitened, some using at home kits and others seeking dental treatment. Those who had received treatment from a dentist or dental hygienist were 27% more likely to be happy with the result than those using the home treatment kits. 

Other surveys have revealed that single people are more likely to get whitening treatment compared to those who are in relationships. Almost a quarter of single people, compared to 11% of those in relationships, have opted for whitening treatments, with 50% more single people compared to those in relationships, planning to have tooth whitening treatment. 

Risks of unqualified people delivering tooth whitening treatment 

Worryingly, many people who have had tooth whitening treatment have done so through an unregistered person (Oral Health Foundation) – an illegal practice. Most receiving treatment from such unregistered people are unaware that it is not legal – instead drawn by the speedy tooth whitening solution offered cheaply. 

The time is right for dental practices to offer teeth whitening treatment 

However, over the counter and online products can be dangerous, especially if the treatment is carried out by an unregistered person. Therefore, now is an ideal time for dental practices to offer safe and effective tooth whitening treatment. When receiving tooth whitening treatment from a qualified dental professional will mean that patients can feel reassured that the treatment on offer is  safe, effective and affordable, and will help them to achieve their dream smile.

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