Are You Self-Conscious About Your Smile?

I realise I am lucky.  I am not at all nervous about smiling.  My smile is hugely confident, but it’s not all down to my lifetime habit of brushing at least twice a day and drinking lots of water.

I do have a sweet tooth and a caffeine habit, but according to my dentist, I have good enamel and straight teeth.  I’m not sure this is hereditary, because my Father wore a full set of dentures from the age of 18 and my Mother from the age of 53.    

My confidence puts me with the 20% of women who claim to be happy with their smiles.  However, if you are nervous about your smile, welcome to 80% of women who feel the same.  You have lots of company!

Self-consciousness might come from spotting a misalignment of your teeth in a photograph, or being teased in earlier life, or somehow being made to stand out from the crowd.  (We don’t all respond well to being ‘special’.)  Smiles are important because they can speak volumes, they cost absolutely nothing and could mean we gain so much.  

See what your dentist thinks

If you feel you need help with your smile because of your teeth, your dentist is the first port of call, the one with the training, experience and professionalism to tell you what help you need and whether there are options.

You might be advised that just because you don’t like your smile doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with your teeth. 

What if it’s braces?

There continue to be developments in dentistry, including the devices used to straighten teeth.  Let your dentist talk you through those which might apply to your situation.  But remember – no matter which type of braces you are recommended, they won’t be fitted forever.  They are there to help you achieve what you want and what is best for your health.  The day you become free from your braces will be a day to remember and to celebrate you.

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