I Don’t Want to Wear Braces!

If the only reason you’ve not asked your dentist about tooth straightening is because you think braces are unsightly, then please think again.

It’s true that fixed metal braces are obvious to the eye and have to be worn sometimes for years; that there are some restrictions about what you eat, how you keep your teeth and the wires clean, and how you might feel inhibited about smiling….. but there is another way.

There are now aligners available which are almost invisible and are not as limiting as the traditional braces.  This could be the solution for you.

You can smile

Clear aligners slip on over your teeth and gently realign any which are not straight.  They are hardly noticeable, and will not inhibit your smile.

You can remove them

For a special occasion, you can pop the aligners off – before a special meal or photograph.  


You can brush and floss as normal, with no need to use special brushes or tools for flossing.  


Not having fragile brackets gives you the freedom to eat what you want.

No metal

For those sensitive to metal, this is the perfect alternative.

Fewer Appointments

You will need to visit your dentist less often for checks.


There are no sharp wires to catch the skin; nothing to scratch your mouth.

Health Benefits

Having overlapping, crowded or crooked teeth can make it difficult to keep every tooth clean, which could lead to gum disease and more serious conditions.  

If you make the choice of clear aligners, you will have a confident smile after a much more comfortable process than metal braces might provide.  If you’re ready now to take the next step, ask for a consultation with your dentist at The Mall, who will give you the best advice for your individual needs.

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