We can help you achieve your ideal smile

The many advances in materials, technology and techniques in the dental industry have made achieving a beautiful smile so much easier. 

A 21st century smile is far more discreet, subtle, long lasting and cost effective. 

The developments in dentistry have made the possibility of a lovely smile available to more people than ever before. Let us look at braces for example: in the past, heavy metal train-track braces were only for patients with serious teeth alignment and bite correction issues.  This was because their misaligned teeth caused more problems for their oral health. Teeth that came through a little wonky did not affect their oral health and did not need such extraordinary and sometimes uncomfortable measures to align their teeth. 

In 2020, dentists now have many ways to quickly and comfortably treat the mildest of misalignments. 

Digital planning 

At The Mall, we use a sophisticated computer technology system that carefully looks at each patient’s teeth alignment. Planning how your smile can look with this advanced technology is ideal. We can spot any potential problems that could arise during treatment while we work out exactly what your smile can look like with the help of braces. 

We can use the images from the technology to work out what range of braces are the best for your individual dental issues and lifestyle. If your priority is straightening your teeth, then we have a choice of three discreet brace systems: 

Clear braces aligner

The clear braces aligner is a series of bespoke, computer-designed, plastic trays similar to mouth guards that fit snugly over your teeth. Each aligner you have fitted over time is slightly different as they are designed to gently nudge your teeth to alignment with each change. All the aligners are made to be easily removed and are easy to clean. 

Clear braces fast aligner

The fast clear braces aligner is a little more complicated than the regular clear aligners.  These are also removable and clear but have springs and screws to help move your teeth, and are great for solving alignment issues that clear aligners are not designed to do.

Clear braces indirect bonding

These braces are more like the traditional bracket and wire systems we associate with teenagers. They are bonded to your teeth, but on the inside of the tooth, and the brackets are computer-designed to exactly fit your teeth. This means that they are entirely invisible to others, so you are saved from the ‘train track’ look. 

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We love helping our patients to have a smile they long for, so why not call us at The Mall to find out how we can help you achieve a smile you are happy with.

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