Why have clear braces?

Whilst metal braces still have a role to play in dentistry, patients can now benefit from clear braces, which fit more readily into the lifestyles of many. 

The brackets are the clear component, whereas the wire is tooth coloured.     

Quite distinct from clear braces are clear aligners, which fit over the teeth more like a mouth guard in appearance than a brace.  They are the perfect solution for patients who require minor orthodontic work, and they are comfortable to wear.

You should trust in your dentist at The Mall, who will recommend the best type for you, based on pathology, your dental needs and your lifestyle.

Clear braces are less noticeable and therefore give the wearer more confidence.  The focus is on the patient’s smile, rather than the braces.

Clear braces are more expensive than metal, but there are options for finance which may prove helpful.  The braces also tend to stain unless foods such as red wine, coffee and spiced food are avoided.

It should be noted that clear braces are not the best solution for children. In addition, there may be some temporary impairment to speech when invisible braces are fitted.

Once your teeth are straightened, it is so much easier to care for them, so you can manage your oral health as well as improve your smile and your confidence.

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