Will Clear Aligners Work For Me?

Clear aligners, sometimes known as invisible braces, are finding favour more as time goes on, not only because can they straighten mis-aligned teeth; they can also improve your confidence and give you the perfect smile.  

Consult a Dentist 

Clear aligners are custom-made, after a one to one consultation with an orthodontist, who may be your own dentist or a specialist your dentist will refer you to.  The consultation will include xrays, scans or impressions, and a check on your dental history, all of which are important to ensure that aligners are right for you.  With the right treatment, you will have the results you’re looking for.

Aligner software is used to design the smile and plan the process, including where the teeth move and in what sequence.

Aligners can also be used to move teeth and align jaws.  If there are crowded teeth or spacing problems, or the patient’s bite (the way the upper and lower teeth meet) is wrong, then aligners may be the answer.  An incorrect bite can cause other health problems, such as chronic headaches.

The Treatment

All of the teeth are the focus, to ensure a healthy bite, whereby the top and bottom teeth fit together, and plastic aligners will be created which are plastic replicas of the teeth.  The aligners put pressure on the teeth in order to make them move into the correct position.  The dentist will prescribe wearing these for about 22 hours each day.  Each set of aligners will be worn for some weeks before the patient uses the next set.  The total number of aligners depends on what the patient needs.  

The next stage is wearing retainers.

You should speak to your dentist at The Mall to explore what is best for you and what your hopes are.  If your priority is a confident smile, there is much that can be done to help you.  Explore the options with the professional who understands you.

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